Stop the insanity! Help us save Austin

As anyone who lives in the Austin area knows by now, not only are “progressive” ideas making Austin unaffordable and difficult to start a small business or young family in, but it has gotten to where our lives and safety are at greatly increased risk.

Radicals such as Mayor Steve Adler and Council member Greg Casar have put us in a dangerous place. From rescinding the homeless camping ban, to cutting 9-1-1 services, to gutting the Austin police budget, they’re putting ideas ahead of common sense.

The Travis GOP is reaching across the aisle to work with Austinites of all backgrounds to “stop the insanity” and bring back basic law and order to our beloved city.

Below is a running list of ways you can get involved in taking back Austin.

Donate — Every dollar you give helps us to staff our headquarters, which serves as a hub for a surprising amount of activities, from running conservative candidates for local office to supporting local initiatives to save Austin.

SAFE Austin Now — After the tremendous success of Proposition B, Save Austin Now turns is sights on re-funding and reforming the Austin Police Department. The petition aims to 1) guarantee adequate staffing for Austin police, 2) create an elected Director of Police Oversight position,
3) double mandatory police training, and 4) reform police incentives. Print out and share a petition at

Enforce Prop B — Although nearly 60% of Austin voters spoke up on May 1, 2021, and voted to reinstate the homeless camping ban, the battle has just begun, as the city is now stalling and litigating their way to ignoring the will of the people. Can you dedicate some time and resources to help enforce Proposition B and help Save Austin Now with their amazing work? Stay involved!

Stop Candlewood — Candlewood Suites on Pecan Park Boulevard in Northwest Austin is currently being purchased by the city for use as a homeless shelter. But the hotel is located just steps away from residential back yards, schools, practice fields, other hotels, and restaurants. Help these neighbors stop the city’s purchase of Candlewood and find a better location that better serves the homeless!

Updated 5:31 p.m. 6/8/21

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