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For more information or to enroll in the Chairman’s Circle, please contact TCRP Chairman Matt Mackowiak at (512)423-6116 or chair@travisgop.com or Deputy Executive Director Lauren Day at lauren.atx.tcrp@gmail.com.

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Travis County Republican Party Chairman’s Circle Levels

The Chairman’s Strategizing Friends:

• Exclusive invitation to a 5th Chairman’s Circle event with members in this level only
• Reserved table for eight at Travis GOP’s 2020 Reagan Gala
• Reserved table for eight at Travis GOP’s 2020 Grassroots Bash
• Eight VIP tickets to all 2020 Travis GOP large events
• Eight VIP tickets to the 2020 Reagan Gala
• Invitation of two tickets to all four private Chairman’s Circle-only events for one full year
after joining the circle.

Travis County’s Recruiting Candidate Council:

• Reserved table for eight at Travis GOP’s 2020 Grassroots Bash
• Four VIP tickets to all 2020 Travis GOP large events
• Four VIP tickets to the 2020 Reagan Gala
• Invitation of two tickets to all four private Chairman’s Circle-only events for one full year
after joining the circle.

Poll Watching Captains:

• Two VIP tickets to all 2020 Travis GOP large events
• Four VIP tickets to the 2020 Reagan Gala
• Invitation of two tickets to three Chairman’s Circle-only events for one full year after
joining the circle.

Precinct Organizing Partners:

• Two VIP tickets to the 2020 Reagan Gala
• Invitation of two tickets to two Chairman’s Circle-only events for one full year after
joining the circle.

Neighborhood Doorknocking Leaders:

• Invitation of two tickets to one Chairman’s Circle-only event for one full year after
joining the circle.

2020 Chairman’s Circle members:Chairman’s Strategizing Friend:
Senox Corporation

Kent and Elise Grusendorf | Jerry Morgan | Tim and Pat Von Dohlen | John and Cornelia Foster Wood | A.B. and Elizabeth Walters | Mack Lindsey | Sharon Edwards | Bill and Susan Friedrich | Sharon Wilkes | Kristen Hawthorne | David Briner | Jim and Betty Skaggs | Joel and Stacy Hock | Shane and Jenn Stevens | Bob and Debbie Woods | Jess and Laurie Gillig | Aaron Rasty | John Kinzell | Rep. John Cyrier | George Hindman | Jeff and Sutton Hamlin | Bishop Allen and Sherry Crippen | Steven and Susan Zinn | Andy Schoonover | Steve and Paula Jarvis

*Inaugural Chairman’s Circle members: Bud Brigham, Eduardo Contreras, Bryan Hardeman, John and Cornelia Foster Wood, Mike and Rebecca Hart, Kent and Elise Grusendorf, Alan Sager, Penn Parrish, Jay Novik, Don and Melanie DeMayo-Lantz, Jim Skaggs, Patrick McGuinness, Ida Ellison,Jerry Morgan, Joel and Stacy Hock, A.B. and Elizabeth Walters, Bill Krumpack and Amelia Bullock, Andrew and Maryann Heller, Bernie Groveman, and Barbara Ancona

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Chairman’s Circle Highlights from previous years

• In January 2018, Chairman’s Circle Members John and Cornelia Foster Wood opened up their lovely home for a private dinner with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to fellow Circle members.

• In March, we hosted four Senate District conventions for districts located inside Travis County for more than 700 elected delegates.

• In April 2018, all Chairman’s Circle members were offered complimentary VIP tickets to the annual Reagan Gala at The Driskill Hotel with Governor Greg Abbott with more than 280 people

• In July 2018, all were invited to a private, advance movie screening of Dinesh D’Souza’s “Death of a Nation” at Gateway Cinema with almost 200 people attending.

• In August 2018, Chairman’s Circle members were invited to a private reception with best-selling author Dinesh D’Souza at the Texas Disposal Systems’ Exotic Game Ranch and then received complimentary tickets afterward to the VIP reception and the Summer Bash dinner with 519 people.

• In September 2018, we invited Chairman’s Circle members to a private luncheon at The Headliner’s Club with former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

• In October 2018, all were invited to attend the private movie screening of “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” at Gateway Cinema and hear from one of the actors onsite.

• In November 2018, all were invited to the Election Night Watch Party with almost 400 attending and then Chairman’s Circle members were invited to a private reception with U.S. Senator Ben
Sasse at the Austin Club later in the month.

• In December 2018, Chairman’s Circle members were invited to the annual Travis GOP Christmas Party at the lovely home of Elise and Kent Grusendorf, also Circle members.

With your generous funds, the party is able to grow its presence in liberal Travis County, select and elect conservatives to office, and advocate for lower taxes and more liberty in our daily lives.

Join the movement. Complete the membership form and email or mail it back to us. We look forward to partnering with you to make Travis County more prosperous!


Matt Mackowiak, Chairman 
Brian Ruddle, Executive Director 
Lauren Day, Deputy Executive Director 
Andy Hogue, Communications Director 
Ed Check, Elections Administrator (Updated 8/14/20)

Travis County GOP Reaches Legal Agreement with Travis County Elections on Pollwatcher Access

Agreement Comes After Pollwatcher Access Was Limited During General Election

AUSTIN – The Travis County GOP has executed a legal agreement with the Travis County elections office that requires improved pollwatcher access for all future elections, starting with the Dec. 15 runoff election.

Travis County election officials had sequestered poll watchers in a separate room with a window to view the activity of the Central Count room.  Poll watchers were unable to hear the activities, their questions had to be asked through the glass window whenever the election workers noticed tapping on the glass.  Poll watchers were unable to see the computer screens where most of the Central Count activity takes place. 

In order to avoid litigation, both parties have agreed to the following: 

  • Travis County Elections agrees to ensure that all equipment and computer screens in use shall be visible to poll watchers.
  • Travis County Elections agrees to allow poll watchers inside the tabulation area of the central count station, including the ability to stand conveniently near election officers. Previously they had been denied this right.
  • While there are to be no physical barriers shall be placed between poll workers and poll watchers, a six-foot boundary around the election stations will be marked on the floor. Poll watchers may pass this boundary and approach the poll workers stations to observe a screen or note any irregularity, but then have agreed to step back behind the boundary.
  •  All the agreements above do apply to the December 15 Runoff Election and have been agreed upon by all parties. 

“This is a good agreement that will protect that rights of legally appointed pollwatchers in all future elections in Travis County,” said TCRP chairman Matt Mackowiak. “This election cycle, we did not think our poll watchers had enough access to observe the process and perform their duties. We have worked with Travis County to solve that problem going forward. We appreciate not only the dedication of fellow Relator Martin Harry and the entire Republican Party of Texas Legal team for their work in resolving the substantive issues raised but want to thank Dana DeBeauvoir and the Travis County Elections legal team for their hard work in coming to this agreement.”

The Travis County Republican Party supports the conservative principles of the Republican Party and elects candidates up and down the ballot in the greater Austin metro area. For more information visit www.TravisGOP.com

# # #

Attachment: Agreement (PDF)

2019 Resolutions

Resolution in Support of Full Funding for the Children with Special Health Care Needs Program

Whereas, the 2018 Platform of the Republican Party of Texas asserts that all innocent human life must be respected and safeguarded from fertilization to natural death, therefore, the unborn, the aged, and the physically or mentally challenged have a fundamental individual right to life; and

Whereas, all life is endowed with intrinsic value by our Creator and children with disabilities, while requiring extra medical care and provision, add tremendous value to our society and community,and children with disabilities should be protected and medically provided for; and

Whereas, healthcare costs for all families regardless of income (affluent, middle-class or indigent) make caring for these children cost prohibitive as these are NOT typical Medicaid issues,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Republican Party of Travis County recommends the Texas Legislature fully fund the Children with Special Health Care Needs Program.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution be sent to every Travis County State Representative and State Senator as well as the Governor. Lt. Governor and Speaker of the Texas House. Approved 1/22/19

Cap Metro referendum resolution

Be it Resolved; the TCRP supports changes to the Texas Transportation Code (TTC), in Sections 451.407, 451.409, and 451.4125, providing for CapMetro area voters to Petition for a ballot issue referendum; if approved by voters, the referendum would reallocate 50% of CapMetro’s tax revenue to a TxDOT fund dedicated to road congestion relief in the CapMetro service areas;

Be it further Resolved; the TCRP requests state Senators Donna Campbell and Dawn Buckingham to file such draft legislation in the 2019 session. Approved 1/22/19

2.5% rollback trigger bill resolution

WHEREAS property taxes in Travis County are unsustainable, and Travis County voters deserve more tools to protect themselves from the runaway taxes and spending of local government; and

WHEREAS Plank 162 of the Republican Party of Texas Platform endorses the concept of a 2.5 percent rollback trigger, requiring voter approval for property tax increases above that amount, and those concepts are contained in House Bill 2 and Senate Bill 2

BE IT RESOLVED that the Travis County Republican Party endorses and supports in full House Bill 2 and Senate Bill 2 currently pending before the Texas Legislature; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Travis County Republican Party encourages all legislators to support a 2.5 percent rollback trigger and resist efforts to raise that trigger or otherwise make it easier to raise property taxes. Approved 3/19/19

Resolution Supporting Proposition 3 of the Proposed Amendments to the Texas Constitution

Whereas Proposition 3 is “The constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to provide for a temporary exemption from ad valorem taxation of a portion of the appraised value of certain property damaged by a disaster,” and,
Whereas Texas local government may presently reappraise properties damaged in disasters, but may not exempt the owners from all or part of their total tax burden,

Resolved: The Travis County Republican Executive Committee supports the passage of proposition 3 of the proposed Amendments submitted on the November 5, 2019 ballot and directs the TCRP to issue press releases regarding that support. Approved 10/15/19

Resolution to Support Proposition 4 of the Proposed Amendments to the Texas Constitution.

Whereas Proposition 4 is “The constitutional amendment prohibiting the imposition of an income tax including a tax on an individual’s share of partnership and unincorporated
association income,” and,

Whereas Proposition 4 requires a legislative vote by a super-majority instead of a simple majority and would additionally require voter approval to amend the constitution to impose an
income tax on the people of Texas,

Resolved: The Travis County Republican Executive Committee supports the passage of proposition 4 of the proposed Amendments submitted on the November 5, 2019 ballot and directs the TCRP to issue press releases regarding that support. Approved 10/15/19

TCRP Celebrates City Runoff Success

Austin Voters Send Clear Message That They Want City to Change Direction

AUSTIN — Below is a statement from TCRP chairman Matt Mackowiak on last night’s general election runoff. 

“Sanity is making a comeback in Austin. Having even just one pro-police, pro-transparency, pro-taxpayer candidate on the Austin City Council will make a tremendous difference in our efforts to stop the insanity of 2020 and restore full funding for public safety.

“Mackenzie Kelly and her team worked with an impressive team of volunteers eager to make sure the voices of Northwest Austin and District 6 were heard loudly Tuesday night. We are thrilled about her four-point victory over the radical Democrat incumbent and are grateful to all who contributed to her win.

“We also congratulate Jennifer Virden in District 10 on a hard-fought race. She nearly won, ultimately losing by a 51%-49% margin of fewer than 600 votes. Alison Alter voted for defunding the police and refuses to reinstate the camping ban. We hope this close race was a wake-up call for her. District 10 was drawn as a swing district in the original Austin 10-1 plan, which was originally won by a Republican. Virden’s momentum will translate to future victories in this critical district.

“We look forward to further victories in 2022.”

2020 Resolutions

Resolution to deny support to candidate in State Board of Education Primary

WHEREAS, Robert Morrow has a history of misogynist and vulgar language, and

WHEREAS, Robert Morrow has made outrageous and slanderous allegations about President Trump, members of the Bush family, and Governor Rick Perry, among others,

BE IT RESOLVED that the Travis County Republican Party opposes his candidacy in the Republican Primary for State Board of Education District 5. Approved Jan. 21, 2020

* * *

Resolution calling on party leaders to stand firm against violence, vandalism, support full funding of law enforcement

WHEREAS our principles, our culture and our country are under attack by a group or groups of individuals who, behind a screen of perhaps well-meaning people purportedly seeking racial justice and equality and desiring to exercise their right of free speech, have vandalized and sometimes destroyed public and private property across the state of Texas and this country, impeded trade and commerce by interrupting the transportation of goods and persons, destroyed the lives and livelihood of law-abiding individuals and harassed, threatened and even injured, some fatally, the law enforcement officers whose sworn duty it is to protect the public from such conduct,

[THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED] We urge all Republicans, especially all Republicans holding any public or party office, to immediately do the following:

  1. Condemn all criminal conduct by such people as domestic terrorism; and
  2. Advocate and urge that each and every criminal act by such persons be dealt with by immediate arrest, imprisonment and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law; and
  3. Demand that law enforcement agencies of all kinds be adequately funded and supported to enable each to have enough properly trained personnel, and the necessary equipment, to enable them to safely and effectively perform their duty of protecting the lives and property of the people they serve.  Approved Aug. 11, 2020